About us

Raised by Trees is a photography collective. We take pictures.

Lara captures the world as she sees it. By camera, pen or paint she shares her unique perspective, fused from her experiences and the road walked thus far.  Growing up in the foothills of Alberta, Lara truly was raised by trees, spending her childhood in the forest, with nature as the primer for life.  After completing her degree she moved to Vancouver, a city that brings much photographic opportunity.  Be it found in the natural beauty of the city or in the small venues filled with the music of great local artists, Lara continues to liberate instants as they happen.

Based in Vancouver, Carlos began his photography career early. An avid sailor, even as a child he could always be spotted with a camera in his hands. The opportunity to travel the world by boat in his teen years, only fuelled his passion for capturing the images he saw along the way. Now grounded in his full time career as a sustainability consultant, his passion for photography endures in every spare moment. He can often be found out and about in Vancouver photographing scenes, people and great bands during local shows.